Bloomio challenges hackers. Reward-based security challenge. (Update)

Bloomio challenges hackers. Reward-based security challenge. (Update)

Zug, Switzerland: Bloomio puts the security of its customer at the first place, for this we have decided to offer a monetary compensation to anyone who will find a security gap in our current development.


Update of 16th January 2020: The challenge has finished the 15th of Jan, 2020 at 00:00 CET. No security gap has been identified and none of the 3 challenges have been solved.


Three challenges, a month of time to solve them and a total of 30K CHF in monetary reward for these who could spot a security gap.

The challenge is open to both private individuals and organizations able to detect potential vulnerabilities.

This program is in line with Bloomio’s philosophy to put the security of its customers as first priority, aware that, the spread of equity crowdfunding to a mass market audience, passes through a full trust in the technical development in place to protect users’ data from cyber-attacks.


The challenges:

(1) Transfer 100 Demo euro coins from the defined “wallet” to any “wallet” outside Bloomio universe. Reward: 15'000 CHF

(2) Transfer 100 Demo euro coins from the defined “wallet” to another “wallet” inside Bloomio universe. Reward: 10'000 CHF

(3) Access the account and change personal data of the Bloomio account of the corresponding defined “wallet”. Reward: 5'000 CHF


The Bloomio Challenge will run until the 15th of Jan 2020 at 00.00 CET

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