Do you want to collaborate with Bloomio in redesigning the venture capital industry?

Imagine a world where everybody could easily invest in startups worldwide, with a clear assessment of financial risks and profits. Join Bloomio’s revolution to become a valued partner in redesigning the venture capital environment!

Bloomio has been developing partnerships with key financial players. This is a continuous process and we are keen on hearing from financial institutions, industry experts, and fund managers.

Financial Institutions

We develop tailor-made solutions for leading financial organizations, enabling their customers to assess startup investments directly on their phones or on e-banking portals. By partnering with Bloomio, they can enrich their offering with an easy-to-use platform that comes with personalized and targeted services, based on their customers’ risk appetite.


We develop tailored-made solutions for leading financial organizations enabling their customers to assess startup investments directly on their phone or e-banking portal.

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Industry Experts

Investing in startups is risky! That is why we rely on an external industry board when it comes to assessing a company that is fundraising on Bloomio. To ensure complete impartiality and compliance with the highest quality standards, every startup is assessed by a minimum of two experts. At Bloomio, we have several expert clusters that specialize in various industries.

Fund Managers

Very few financial assets can deliver comparable profit with startups. With Bloomio, it is now possible to easily invest in high return businesses, while reducing risks. This is accomplished by using a balanced portfolio that is managed by professional fund managers.
Bloomio leverages its own legal framework and software platform in order to afford fund managers the opportunity to jumpstart new venture funds, raise crowd money and invest in startups.

Partner with Bloomio

Redesigning venture capital industry is a very hefty effort, and Bloomio is keen on joining forces with financial players that share its vision.
If you are interested in engaging in the wave of financial evolution, write to us: moc.oimoolb@srentrap