Bloomio for Investors

Investing in a promising startup is no longer difficult!

Bloomio allows individual investors to buy startup shares, while also offering a unique set of features that maximize one’s investment experience.

Verified Projects

Trading of Startup Stakes

Small Deal Size

Money Transfer

Secured by Blockchain

Premium Statuses

Select the Company to Invest In

Easily browse through great investment opportunities

A user-friendly interface allows investors to discover startups across the industries and geographies that they are interested in.

Getting started is easy and free of charge.

Assess Potential With The Bloomio Scoring System

Assess investment opportunities with an unbiased scoring system

An independent expert board assesses each investment opportunity, offering investors simple metrics to evaluate startup growth potential.

Types of startup fundraising campaigns on Bloomio


This is the earliest stage, where there is little to no customer base. The business is raising funds in order to establish operations.

Series A

The business shows some preliminary KPIs and the fundraising is aimed at converting enthusiasm into traction.

Series B

The business is operational and generates revenues. Additional funds are needed in order to accelerate growth.

Series C

This is the final stage of investment and the main focus is scaling the business to its widest potential.

Watch your investments

Follow Company Performance

Regularly assess the performance of the company you have invested in and keep in line with your return/risk profile.

Trade Shares

Trade startup shares on Bloomio secondary market by purchasing or selling tokens that represent real startup shares.


If the company is successful, then your investment will generate return once the company is acquired or goes public.