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How Bloomio works

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Financial integrity applied to crowdfunding

Bloomio brings the highest financial standards to startup investments:

We do more than just connecting private investors with promising startups that are raising funds.
Bloomio is a fully comprehensive structure aimed to maximize investment  opportunities through a series of unique features.

  • Investors
  • Experts
  • Startups
  • Secondary market
  • Startups ranking
  • Smart money
  • Startup Acceleration
  • Premium Status


No need to be a millionaire to invest in startups. With Bloomio, you can invest in innovative startups with as little as 50 USD.


Need to raise money for your business? If you fulfill the criteria needed to be listed on Bloomio, your campaign is just a few clicks away.

What do you need to raise funds on Bloomio?

Original Idea

Great Team

Scalable Business


Bloomio network of partners extends investment opportunities and provides the tools needed for a sensible investment decision.

Expert Board

Independent industry experts provide unbiased assessment of all startups raising funds on Bloomio.

Financial Institutions

Bloomio develops tailored solutions for banks, enriching their product offering with a fully customizable startup investment platform.

Fund Managers

Fund managers build portfolios of startups and implement unique strategies to address the profiles and risk attitude of each investor.

Bloomio key features

Startups Ranking

Industry experts rank startups from 1 to 5 stars, evaluating potential by analyzing the disclosed strategic KPIs and by identifying red flags.

Startup Acceleration

Bloomio connects third party services with startups, helping them scale teams, build the R&D process, grow sales force and design go-to-market strategy.

Secondary Market

After a startup’s crowdfunding campaign is closed, Bloomio’s secondary market allows investors to continue buying shares.


Bloomio issues tokens that represent startup equity. Leveraging on blockchain technology represents the most secure and transparent way to invest in startups.

Status Gems

Each transaction or social action increases a user’s status on Bloomio. Gaining Status Gems allows investors to benefit from exclusive premium features.