We allow publishers, magazines or companies to distribute, sell and consume digital content without intermediaries

United States

Problem & Solution

With anyone can easily create a virtual library, upload their digital content (EPUB, PDF & Audio) and offer an enhanced experience for their readers.

Customers have complete control over their Bookshelf, being able to customize it, add their preferred payment gateways, and with access to metrics regarding user's behavior and consumption habits.

We're differentiating by being the first Publishing platform that does not charge a % on each sale but instead we charge a monthly or annual fee based on the amount of users and publications each tenant has.

In our first year we had more than 150 libraries created, with more than 50k users and 5k publications available through the different libraries.

At the same time we've developed our own reader which allow users to:

- Transforming the text to voice
- Create summaries by highlighting
- Search information in Wikipedia without leaving the publication
- Translate the text to any language
- Add notes