Raise funds for your company just in a few clicks

Bloomio delivers a simple and comprehensive process to get capital to grow and scale your business.

How to apply to raise funds

List Your Company:

Be present on Bloomio by filling out our questionnaire that gathers key information for investors.

Due Diligence:

A panel of industry experts will examine your assumptions and KPIs, and then file a report that will become available to investors.

Company Valuation:

Define the value of your company or request an independent valuation. In either case, industry experts will assess your company’s value.

Define Share Price:

Define your shares’ subscription price and the stake of the equity that you are offering for sale.

Start your fundraising campaign:

Your funding round becomes live and investors can start committing money.

Your company got funded?
You still have more benefits!

Bloomio cares about the success of your business. To help you deliver the best market solutions, we offer a unique set of strategic partnerships with third party acceleration service providers.


Pricing Scheme:

No fee will be requested in the case that a startup is not funded!

of equity
of raised funds

Bloomio strongly believes in its process of due diligence, and considers the startups that pass through it to be valuable investments. This is why we offer you a unique opportunity to cover the funding fees with a minor percentage of your company’s equity.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay 5% of the raised funds.


What is needed to be listed on Bloomio?

Listing is free of charges and does not require administrative or legal paperwork. Due diligence and valuation will only occur once a commitment for a fundraising campaign is made.

What is the minimum funding request?

There is no minimum limit to raise funds. Please note, however, that a fixed fee of $2,500 will be charged if you raise below $50,000.

Will Bloomio help in developing the raising campaign?

No. Bloomio AG remains independent and uninvolved with each campaign. To efficiently raise funds, we suggest developing a campaign video to fully leverage on your network, engaging with investors and producing a solid financial plan.

Why should I undergo third party due diligence?

This step is undertaken in order to validate any claim a company makes in its pitch to investors. Startups with completed due diligence are rated on a scoring system of 1 to 5 stars.

Is it compulsory to show the results of the Bloomio scoring system?

Yes, if you plan on raising funds. Startups with 1 to 2 stars are not allowed to raise funds on the Bloomio platform for a period of 6 months, or until the next due diligence report.

How long will my campaign last?

Fundraising campaigns last between 1 and 4 weeks, based on the decisions of the startup founders.

Who will hold startup shares in case of successful fundraising?

In the case that a fundraising campaign is successful, Bloomio AG will act as a custodian for the startup shares. Bloomio AG will issue and distribute tokens that represent the startup equity.


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