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Operating Partner, FORUM

I am digital finance veteran with a proven track record of successfully launched digital banking start-ups, designed and implemented innovative payments, senior management knowledge and multi-market exposure, including EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

I was contributing to launch of financial businesses from scratch in four countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bahrain), and creating strategy for digital banks in another three (Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Philippines). I built, developed and sold with profit a digital business of my own, too.

I managed international teams of 300 people and managed digital bank with 30 million USD net profit and over half million of customers.

My 18 years of expertise in financial services covers strategy, management and execution, with extraordinary confidence in digital banking (track record since 2000), mobile and electronic payments, business partnerships and loyalty programs, marketing, digital sales, and co-operation with telecoms. The distinctive skill set that I offer, has been acquired through various roles in numerous projects including payments, digital start-ups and cross-industry partnerships.

Areas of Expertise:

1. Digital payments (including mobile wallets, technology, business models, ecosystems, monetization). My background:
— launch first internet payment tools in Poland
— launch several innovative card product including first virtual cards in Poland, first revolut-like card in Middle East etc
— build and launch IKO/blik now the winning national standard of mobile payments in Poland

2. Telecom services and partnerships (new telco models) my background:
— build the first MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in Poland and led this business
— create several partnerships with telecoms (sales, credit cards, financial services)
— led the build of wallet business model on top of biggest telecom in Saudi Arabia

3. UI and UX design, delivery and development (user interface and experience delivery)
— leading internet/mobile interface and delivery for best digital bank in Poland for 10 years, implementing on new markets
— build first full digital sales, onboarding, KYC in Middle East, for bank in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
— portfolio of design, delivery development and maintenance of dozens customer-facing applications, web interfaces, and connected processes for financial, e-commerce and non-profit institutions