Bloomio released further functionalities for Expert due diligence

Bloomio released further functionalities for Expert due diligence

St. Julian's, Malta, 24/07/2019: Due diligence is a crucial step in startup investment and to ensure a top of industry assessment, Bloomio has developed a unique approach of independent high calibre industry experts, evaluating any startup crowdfunding on Bloomio.

We released today the latest functionalities of the expert dashboard allowing a streamlined communication between experts and startups:

The main areas of this new release are the following:

Matching: Ensuring a perfect match between industry, technology, business model and experts’ area of expertise.

Review: The expert can review the submitted questions and supporting documents across 5 main business sections.

Interaction: Experts can ask additional questions, clarification and/or supporting documents to make an informed decision.

Scoring: Each of the main business areas are scored from 1(poor) to 5(outstanding). Experts can also report risks and positive factors. All this information will be visible to Bloomio’s investors. uses cookies and tracking to provide better user experience and functionality. By  continuing to browse this web-site you are agreeing to the use of cookies and tracking. More about cookies can be found here