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We are making the automated trading of cryptocurrencies available to all.

United Kingdom, LONDON

Problem & Solution

Yanda has been created with the idea of solving the problems associated with the high volatility in the price of digital assets, the 24/7 working markets; and the lack of IT expertise of the majority of crypto investors.

Our software allows crypto holders to create automated trading strategies. It hedges risks associated with the high volatility in the price of the crypto-assets as well as to gain profits by leveraging on price fluctuations. Traders can also share their creations with the rest of the Yanda community for a reward.

No coding needed.

Manual trading across exchanges is free of charges. Traders may decide to opt for a pay-as-you-go account and pay 0.5% on their initial investment in crypto bots or to opt for a monthly/yearly subscription fee that gives unlimited access to services.

Cryptohopper, Superorder, Signals, and Tradeblock are our competitors. Unlike them, offers an easier solution that focuses on the customization of automated trading strategies.