With our AI and data-based algorithm we make it easy to execute all marketing activities for SME's on a single platform.




Problem & Solution

A recent study shows that 31,1 % of all small and medium sized business within europe find marketing complicated, and further 35,4% use ad agencies to solve their problem. The reason why the outsource the marketing is because SME's market their products on a wide range of marketing channels, and it's hard to navigate in different platforms at once. It requires a lot of research and time to develop the right marketing strategy for every small and medium sized business. Let's face it, marketing channels are expensive. Especially if you use your marketing budget on the wrong marketing channels. Our solution is an AI and data based algorithm, so we can make it easy to administrate and execute all marketing activities for businesses in one single platform. Get easy insights in data of all the marketing results of ongoing and previous marketing campaigns. Our AI and data based algorithm makes it easy to save a lot of costs and time on marketing activities, which make it cost effective.