Globra FZ-LLC

Online communities, social networking and online marketing based on the principles of privacy, trust, and transparency.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Problem & Solution

Existing social networks do not offer tools to manage online communities and related functionalities in one place, nor can they offer privacy and data security.
GLBrain with its revolutionary and patent-pending technology of a chain coded relational database and specific ledger technology offers total privacy of the user's data where needed and ledger and blockchain technology in all cases where trust and transparency of data are needed. This is important when it comes to any kind of smart agreement/transactions within all kind of online communities.
GLBrain offers also specific customized codes, so-called hyper chains to effectively manage all kinds of communities and can integrate community spezific ledger, blockchain, and cryptocurrency solutions.
GLBrain offers an online platform covering all daily needs in one system ranging from social networking, community management to online marketing including auto-translation​ from 106 to 106 languages.