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Corkk is an expertly curated English wine subscription service and marketplace for the curious wine drinker.

United Kingdom, Canterbury

Corkk Ltd

Problem & Solution

Current Situation: The English wine market is exploding, with 794 vineyards and wineries operating in the UK. Production is set to rise to 40 million bottles within 20 years, a £1 billion industry (WineGB). English wine is recognised for its quality, winning 138 medals at the 2019 Decanter Awards. But, in 2018 15.6 million bottles of English wine were produced but only 2.6 million sold, accounting for 0.14% of the UK wine consumption. 99% of wine is imported.

Problem: Many English wine producers don't have marketing skills to reach beyond the local market, it is difficult for the UK wine consumer to discover new, quality English wines and how can we make wine consumption is more sustainable?

Solution: To find and curate hard to find quality English wine and make it available via a subscription scheme and an online marketplace, providing the English wine producer with a new route to market, introduces the consumer to quality, local wine in a sustainable manner.