Ainnova Tech, LLC.

We create AI software using Machine Learning and Computer vision . We create value trough technology.

Costa Rica, Belen

Problem & Solution

More than 10 million people die of cancer each year.
Our first product in the market is BRAINTD, it is healthcare solution that empowers medical resources to speed their process of detecting and classifying brain tumors, by using the power of artificial intelligence and image processing techniques; at this moment we are training it with new classified images in order to increase the cancer types starting with breast and lung cancer, so we can provide a unique solution that optimizes tumor detections and classification from different types of cancer.
The agricultural sector accounts most of 30% of the world's gross domestic product (GDP). This is in addition to the fact that the world population is growing at a very high rate. This requires that agricultural systems become more efficient.
That is why we created the first stage of an agricultural software that helps to control quality before packing, using computerized vision that allows for competitive advantage and cost reduction.