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SaaS solution for restaurants, cafes, food deliveries and F&B related retail, which includes POS, inventory, CRM etc.

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W Cloud Systems Pte.Ltd.

Problem & Solution

Food and Beverage industry is one of the most complicated in terms of management and operations business. It is included retail and online sales, purchases and inventory tracking, production, service, staff management. The most of existing software solutions usually solve only some part of the problem and very little can link altogether. THis complex approach is the game changer when a business manager or owner can see a clear picture of profitability, can save money on wastage or overstock, on staff daily routines organization or CRM.

Olga Z. would like to know:

What is your USP vs key competitors?

Hi, the main USP is the properly made inventory module, which have a lot of features competitors don’t have.
Actually most of competitor’s inventories, even if they declare they have them, are quite useless. Please find the list of our main inventory module features. This inventory made for F&B with F&B specific things in mind.

Waitre has got the following warehousing features:
1. Purchase orders tracking.
2. Change suppliers prices notifications.
3. Multiple different products from different suppliers can be linked to the same SKU.
4. PO can be added backdate.
5. Any Recipe can be recalculated backdate.
6. Recipe can be included in the other recipe (up to 5 levels).
7. Dynamic COGS and GP calculation.
8. Expiration tracking.
9. Stock balance forecasting.
10. AI — optimal order forecasting.
11. Virtual preparations to adjust and waste SKU, included into sauces, meatballs and other preps.
12. Log records — any stock changes can be easily tracked to find possible human errors.
13. Sales by weight — SKU can be sold as each item, as by weight or volume.
14. SKU categorisation and grouping.
15. Additional costs like transport expenses or custom duties can be included into PO and distributed among the purchased stocks.
16. Expected delivery feature prevent to double order the same ingredients.
17. Grouping orders to the same supplier for different outlets.
18. Internal orders for central kitchens.
19. Suppliers MOQ tracking.
20. Wastage % for different products.