Equa World

Equa World is an online marketplace for consumer services whose demand side is grown through an online tenant service.

Switzerland, Meyrin


Problem & Solution

The consumer services sector in Europe represents up to 25% of national GDPs, yet buying and selling consumer services on the Internet is still fraught with inefficiencies, whose removal can increase sales.

Currently, service businesses have three options:
* Listing on a yellow pages website such as local.ch (downside: no direct purchase, no cross-selling).
* Selling on a specialised marketplace such as batmaid.ch or tutor24.ch (no cross-selling, missing service verticals).
* Selling through own website (development & hosting & advertising costs).


An online marketplace for consumer services:
* Many service verticals (initially home-related: moving services, housecleaning, ...).
* In-place purchase.
* Cross-selling.

Value proposition:
* Increased revenue for businesses who are present on our app, attracted by our large user base.
* Our app will be used by a large number of consumers on a daily basis, because it will include a tenant service sold to property managers.