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Managing Director, August First Ventures

Andrew is the founding partner of August First Ventures (A1V) in Geneva, Switzerland. A1V provides consulting services to early stage, innovative technology and consumer goods companies. Through A1V he raised financing for Swiss and international companies. Andrew has been providing advisor-in-residence (AIR Support) services, working cross-functionally at, the world’s #2 most widely used business messaging application. He is also a Principal at InitioGroup, a micro VC in Vancouver, exploring European venture opportunities within the technology sector.

Andrew has a proven track record across the converging industries of media, technology, and finance over the last 20 years, working in digital and traditional corporate landscapes, driving innovation and leading change management.

He’s raised more than $50 million in financing across a diverse portfolio of companies and continues to seek out new challenges combining assets of knowledge and experience with hands on execution.

After graduating from Vancouver International Film School in 1991, Andrew embarked on a career in film & television, working in the UK, France, Germany and Canada. Andrew studied at University of British Columbia, after graduating from Ridley College. He is also alumni of IMD Business School, in Lausanne, Switzerland.