Bloomio is the subject of a Master Thesis at the Universtity Ca’ Foscary of Venice

Bloomio is the subject of a Master Thesis at the Universtity  Ca’ Foscary  of Venice

Venice, 19/03/2018 - We are proud to announce that today Giovanni Avogadro is discussing his master’s thesis in Economics at the Ca’ Foscary, University of Venice. He is presenting his analysis of the equity crowdfunding industry and highlighting how Bloomio is redesigning the venture capital industry.

The title of his work is “The Evolution of Equity Crowdfunding Through Blockchain Technology: The Bloomio Case”

The supervisor of the study is Professor Giovanni Vaia.


The new concepts brought up by the introduction of Blockchain technology are changing

many industries at once, with the promise of democratization and of the increase in

transparency of company infrastructure and of operations. The equity crowdfunding

industry is one of the industries that could be radically transformed by the introduction

of the technology.

Through this thesis, we will present an introduction to the concepts behind blockchain

technology, and equity crowdfunding. We will then analyse the limitations that the

current methodologies and services associated with equity crowdfunding might present,

and how the introduction of the technology might mitigate these inefficiencies.

We will finally analyse the case of Bloomio; a Swiss-based equity crowdfunding company,

which is the first one in the world to have implemented blockchain technology in its


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