unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled freelancing platform. It gives direct access to qualified freelancers.

Switzerland, Zug



Problem & Solution

Today freelancing agencies rule the market, charging high fees for acting as a middle man. They also 'own' the clients.

unitalent offers to freelancers and clients to make peer to peer contracts with no middle man inbetween. They will find each other on the market place of unitalent.

Following are the advantages:
Freelancer own their work and they can monetise their network (for a life time), brining it to unitalent. They also participate in the value they create on unitalent and they can monetise their good reputation.

Clients will get direct access to the freelance workforce they need in this very moment. Like that, they will be able to reduce their cost for the fees by more than 75%, compared to today's models in this business.

What is the key difference vs. Upwork and freelancer.com?

Unitalent is a blockchain-enabled platform that connects high-skilled freelancers (other than upwork) with corporate clients. On Unitalent the community of freelancers and clients, who are the backbone of the platform, participate and benefit from the growth of the platform. On Unitalent the freelancer may monetise their network. Unitalent is the only platform which allows this! And its a peer to peer platform (other than freelancer).

What are the features for your coins offered on ICO? What is the value for an investor to hold your coins?

Thank you very much for the two questions, which I will answer as follows.

The features for the coin are the following:

The TAT (Talent Token) is needed to work on unitalent. The platform fee will be paid or directly transferred into TAT.

The freelancer will be able to earn additional TAT (up to 25% of the platform fee), when being active on the platform by endorsing clients and other freelancers, participating in dispute management and reviewing or publishing content. The same will also be valid for consulting agencies or recruiting firms.

Partners who will be offering 3rd party services to freelancer will be paid in TAT.

Partners who will be offering 3rd party services to freelancer will be paid in TAT.

The value for an investor are as follows:

The investor may profit in a couple ways. He will get some high discount in case he jumps in early. Right now in the private presale unitalent is offering 50% discount in a first round and 30% discount in the second round of investment. This will manifest itself in a high leverage of his investment, once unitalent will be listed on an exchange, early 2019. Secondly, if the investor decides to hold on to his investment after the listing, he will be granted a discount which is paid every month. The discount corresponds to 0,8% of the TAT someone holds and applies for the first twelve months after the ICO.

The investor will then profit from the increase of the value of the platform itself, such as every token holder.

The investor will then profit from the increase of the value of the platform itself, such as every token holder.

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