Talenter.io - Blockchain for the Shared Economy /Gig Economy

Unique platform for the Shared/Gig Economy that connects via blockchain service provider of any kind and clients

Germany, Stuttgart


Talenter.io - Blockchain for the Shared Economy /Gig Economy

Problem & Solution

According to the International Business Times, only 13% of the British said, that they will continue to work in traditional employment models in 2025. 87% of Britons are convinced that the Gig Economy is the traditional "Nine to Five" business day in just ten years.

Our future is going to be quite different from our present.
AI & Robots will do our tasks automatically.
Much faster than everyone thinks, the AI will do all the jobs.
We really mean ALL(!) jobs.
Doctor, drivers, managers, Officials and even CEOs.
AI is always more efficient, faster and always makes the right decisions. The AI replaces us in just a few years,takes away what constitutes "humanity": To be used.
This creates a unique need and a gigantic business.
Our solution: Talenter.io

In addition, we have developed an enterprise version. This enables companies to perfectly recognize the expertise of their employees and apply it. Solution that motivates and incentiviates. Extremely innovative, based on blockchain.

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