A supply chain ecosystem, grounded in transparent, trustless and instant operations, safeguarded by smart contract.

Ukraine, Odessa


Problem & Solution

Corruption and lack of transparency in the Shipping Industry
Huge losses due to frequent human errors
Inefficiency due to complex calculations, involving dozens of data-bases
Intermediates with high commissions (3.5-7%)
Broken communication
Reluctance of banks to provide loans to transacting parties
Complex paper work (legal, finance, technical, etc)

This is the SHIPNEXT ecosystem - a fully integrated ecosystem across the entire supply chain, grounded in transparent, trustless and instant operations, safeguarded by smart contracts backed with escrows, powered by decentralized computing capacities all.
An ecosystem that will be a foundation for a newly energized, intelligent shipping and logistics industry, that will be constantly evolving and learning, powering innovations and bringing further technologies to life, alleviating inefficiencies and easing cross-border transactions.
An ecosystem that will be based on open unified protocols that are highly scalable.

Who are your partners and how deep is the development of your ecosystem?

SHIPNEXT emerged from a group of shopping and forwarding companies: VARAMAR, VARAMAR TRANS, VELES BULK.

At the moment we are discussing an equity sale with a few large international industrial and shopping groups.

SHIPNEXT is today the only working digital shipping marketplace with over 2000 cargo/freight requests daily and 24.000 ship’s positions at any given moment.

Because SHIPNEXT is based on a very sophisticated algorithm, it is scalable and growing every day. presently SHIPNEXT already commerce’s integration and interconnectivity with other transport and shipping related service providers, platforms and isolated solutions to create a decentralized transportation network.

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