Mr. English Coffee

Mr. English Coffee Roasting Co. is an old fashioned Brick and Mortar style co. trying it’s best to move into the future.

Japan, Nakatsugawa

Mr. English Coffee

Problem & Solution

The convenience stores of Japan put in automated coffee makers approx. 3 years ago and have become incredibly successful at selling cups of coffee at artifially low prices for competive aggression and to capture market share. Our co. Mr English Coffee put in an automated Aeropress Style Coffee Vending Machine and we are now selling a much better cup of specialty Coffee 24/7 for %10 less. Our profit per cup is still %100 because we’ve eliminated the labor factor.

Could you please clarify the expansion model? How many shops in year 1, 2 and 3 and when the move to franchise will happen?

Thank you for your inquiry. In year one of our expansion our business plan calls for opening an additional four automated specialty Coffee 24/7 vending machine locations in addition two the three locations that we already have. Our business plan calls for hiring three professional full time sales staff to market our franchises. We hope to sell at least 5 franchises in our second year and incrementally increase openings year by year. Our present roasting capacity is capable of supplying approx. one hundred franchises locations on the coffee side. But as for baked goods are present capacity is very small. Our new business plan calls for the build out of a small commercial wholesale bakery with two full time professional pastry chefs to supply up to one hundred franchises and seven company owned stores.

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