Re-Invent Democracy International GmbH CHE-241.313.093

The Global Social Network for Voters is a secure web-based superstructure for online organizing and consensus-building.

Switzerland, St. Gallen

Re-Invent Democracy International GmbH   CHE-241.313.093

Problem & Solution

Democracies around the world are in crisis. They are beset with multiplying conflicts, legislative stalemates, and widespread dissatisfaction with lawmakers, political parties and electoral processes.

These conflicts and stalemates prevent governments from meeting the needs of their citizens, and addressing life threatening risks, such as those posed by extreme climate disruption and the global spread of asymmetric warfare.

The Global Social Network for Voters solves the crisis of democracy by providing a common ground connecting voters to each other and political parties, electoral candidates and elected representatives. It enables voters to control electoral and legislative processes, build consensus, and resolve conflicts regarding legislative priorities.

Unique network tools empower voters to build winning online voting blocs, re-organize existing political parties, create their own parties, forge electoral coalitions, and nominate and elect representatives of their choice.

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