NastyTek will be a web platform which will use AI and machine learning to match developers to jobs, and interview them.

United Kingdom, London


Problem & Solution

The recruitment industry is not efficient ny more in placing tech candidates, because of it's lack of automation, intelligence and specialization. Developers are not interested in recruiters which constanty and consistently call them without providing a solution. Sometimes that call is to fill a role which doesn't exist, and even if it does, the interview process is long and the skills matching poor. Developers will respond to a platform which uses AI to match their skills as well as cultural aspects, to their dream job. The platform will also host video interviewing and coding testing functions, in order to reduce time to hire and secure candidate interest and engagement. In a short amount of time, the platform will be the only trusted recruitment solution for developers.

What criteria are used to match developers and jobs?
Is it simple skills matching like C++ experience or a more advanced algorithm is used?
How many users do you have already on your platform?

Criteria used are:

Years of experience.
GitHub activity.
Stack learning opportunities.
Test code.

The algorithm will be a more advanced supervised learning algorithm.

The potential users in the pipeline are close to 1,000, although the platform has not been launched yet as we require funding for development.

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