Foldercrate combines email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts and chat in one single easy to use service.

Switzerland, Solothurn


Problem & Solution

We live in a connected world, but why aren't our services connected?
Foldercrate is a Swiss startup that provides well-known Internet services such as e-mail, cloud storage, calendar, notes, contacts and chat in one single and secure easy-to-use service. The single services are actually combined all in one, no more dozens of tabs or programs open!
Foldercrate is overall cheaper and gives you tons more of freedom than any other provider. Be it scaling the exact amount of storage you want or using the service unlimited.
With a lot of coming-up features during our Beta, the service will also become more user-friendly and easier to handle with features like right click functions, changing the whole design or icons and so on.
You can even use Foldercrate for your company with your own design and your own servers without us having any access to it or simply collaborate with your team on your projects.
And the best thing is, with zero knowledge you will have absolute data privacy.

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